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This project has been DISCONTINUED. A more up2date fork of this project has been created at GitHub ( ) and supported by Johannes Mayer.
This GitHub project already have some new features (and bug fixes probably too :D )
Please GRAB the version from there use it, fork it, make pull requests and so on :)

Code Snippet Manager Description

This project was my first attempt for C# and .Net and Win32 related programming at all.
Because of that I believe I should share it.

It is a simple Code Snippet Manager.. that I use when presenting tutorials.

The Snippet Manager have the fallowing features


- Insert a code snippet from the clipboard into program
- Delete code snippets
- Preview of a code snippet when you mouse over
- Backup your code snippets into a file
- Load your code snippets from a file
- Create a separator for the code snippets that basically marks a start for a new demo.
- (NEW) Act as Clipboard Manager. Giving you the ability to use it as a clipboard manager for text only.

Known issue:
- you cannot insert 2 snippets which are equal.


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